Polymeric Sand Fill / Re-leveling

sand_coloursWeeds push and spread interlocks apart allowing water to enter the joints, washing underneath foundation material which leads to sinkage when walked or driven on.

The solution is to de-weed using high pressure water with corrects nozzle and hand pick roots. Sand fill polymeric sand consisting of adhesives which is later activated through a 3 stage misting process.

Polymeric Sand is a dry mixture of calibrated sand, polymers, binders and dedicated controlling agents technically designed to bind together in horizontal pavement joints. Its high polymer content and its unique composition will generate optimum results. It will resist most weather conditions such as freezing, thawing, rain and wind.


  • Longer life of driveway.
  • Stabilizes interlock prevent sinkage and potholes
  • Considerably helps weed elimination
  • Stays well in place on sloped surfaces
  • Eliminates sand from washing into pools
  • Diminishes weeds and repels insects
  • Adapts to paver movements in all weather conditions

P1030088Here we can see a weed infested driveway, causing the interlocks to spread, shift and allowing water to enter the joints
P1030091The first step of de-weeding the driveway is to power wash all the soil/dirt and vegetation out of the joints
P1030102After a complete wash and clean up, we apply the proper colour polymeric sand into joints and brush over the interlocks a few times ensuring all joints are filled
P1030105Blowing the driveway enables the sand to spread evenly and clean the dust off the surface, as it can stain the interlock
P1030109The final step is a 3-stage misting procedure that locks the sand in by activating the adhesives
P1030111De-weeding is a 2-day process, depending on the size of the driveway. The final product resembles a clean driveway that is properly sealed.

brick_weedsInterlocks that have not been cared for

Please note that the above procedures don’t eliminate the weeds 100%, but  help the situation considerably. Besides the cosmetic aspects, this procedure prolongs the life-span of interlock pavers, ensuring that all joints are sealed and stones are stable.

Please ask for our monthly services after the initial procedure is done to control weed growth.