Grouting / Cementing / Steps

Loose cement or grouting is a problem that is extremely common. It can lead to broken steps which is a major hazard. Broken grout allows water to enter underneath pavers, leading to foundation damages which can cause the stones or other structures above to crack or collapse. Common problem areas are stair cases, as they are high traffic areas.

IMG_7387Poor concrete foundation leads to steps breaking. They must be fixed in order to prevent more damage to the structure. It can also be a tragedy waiting to happen.
concrete-img-1Broken grouts must be replaced by fine diamond chisels or saw, and later replaced with “Mortar Mix” combined with concrete adhesives for maximum strength.

Garry ensures all old pieces of grout are brushed out of joints, with proper depths to support a new effective grout.

IMG_7958Final product is later sealed to protect stones and grouting.