Dear Homeowner,

Three Lions Inc. is a family business based out of the Mount Pleasant-Eglinton area and we are committed to providing high quality services to our neighbours in Lawrence Park, Rosedale and Leaside. My co workers and I are on a mission to build our reputation based on perfection and excellence by providing general contracting services to restore the exterior of your homes.

Over the last 8 years i have observed the most common problems outside homes. The services described on this website are designed to fully rejuvenate and restore the exteriors of your homes.

As a local company I truly believe great measures should be taken to provide home owners with outstanding and friendly service that can build a solid foundation for a company to grow into future generations. I have spent a great deal of time perfecting my company to fully meet your desires and would appreciate your loyalty to THREE LIONS INC.!

My name is Keivan, it is my duty to provide home owners with neglected seasonal home service to


Our Story

This company was first established in 2008 in my early 20s, when I was in search of providing a set of truly unique, neglected services. Having had years of construction and costumer service skills I founded THREE LIONS GENERAL CONTRACTING where I would focus on exterior restoration of homes.

I believe in constant involvement and supervision of our job site, therefore Three Lions will always remain a 3 member company for quality control reasons. I have 100% involvement with this company. I evaluate and give free estimates and provide you with guidance regardless of your business. I understand the significant needs of every home and all my potential clients have access to my experience and suggestions, as I have completed many projects.

As an owner-operator, I believe the following form a part of my duties to complete outstanding projects:

  • Performing most of our concrete restoration projects
  • Performing some nearly impossible pressure washing procedure with lances over 30 feet reach
  • Meticulous care for sealing only done by myself
  • Listening to you and your needs
  • Providing you with updates or changes
  • Promising you to still be in business 25 years from now and serving you as good as now

Why choose THREE LIONS?

As I have spoken to most of you through my campaigns once or twice, I always assure you that your satisfactions is my priority and that a good company must be friends with his clients and that’s why we live and work out of Lawrence Park. I will continue to build this company according to your demands. The following attributes are the core foundation of this company that makes us a superior service provider:

  • Friendly and informative 3 member company
  • High attention to detail
  • Craftsmanship passed on by generations
  • Respect, honor and pride
  • Future goals are set and in sight for this company
  • Young and ambitious crew

 Our Perspective

My first goal is to give you a feeling of satisfaction comparable to what you may experience with a newly painted house or perhaps a new garden, a warm and refreshing feeling that has an impact on all aspects of your life. I believe the exterior of your home should resemble the following:

  • Clean, stain free – I always say there is no reason for stains to be there
  • Functional – No reason for broken steps; it is extremely dangerous
  • Appreciated – Stones are the most valued building materials of homes
  • Hazard-free – Let’s fix all the broken grout/cement; it is highly neglected
  • No eye-sores – Why allow weeds to ruin stones or interlock driveways?
  • Maintained & cared for – Pressure wash/seal/polymeric sand fill interlock/re-level

Our contract

You can contact me directly here at Or call me at 416-489-1616.

  • I am always in the area as I am local
  • I will provide you with an overall evaluation of exterior service you may need:
    • Power Washing
    • Sealing
    • Concrete Work / Grouting
    • Interlock maintenance or asphalt reseal & repair
  • After a free estimation a contract is written up with description and detailed list of the procedures needed for your homes exterior restoration
  • Your signature and a 25% deposit will make the contract official; otherwise it will remain a quotation sheet
  • The transformation begins
  • You are updated by email or notes or in person after completion
  • I visit homes regularly to touch up or to simply evaluate the after project results. Being local allows me to service all home regularly. Ask us about our Monthly/Yearly Service Plans.

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